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A market rich with opportunities and challenges


By 2021 IDC expects over 60% of the top 500 Australian companies will be digital services suppliers through the collaborative cloud. The VoIP and Unified Communications services market anticipates immense growth but is also characterised by many challenges.


When it comes to the telco industry, the number of customer complaints grew from 97,401 in 2015 to 146,956 in 2017/18. 41.3% of complaints are those were about customer service*.

Access4 has developed systems that will ensure ongoing improvements required by customers and government, by carefully listening to our partner base, and by establishing a supportive partnership model.

*Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Annual Report 2018


Do you recognise your business profile?

Looking through your and your customers’ eyes, we are addressing challenges you are experiencing.

Business Telephone Solutions Provider

You might be already selling voice and would like to shift to the cloud, but you don’t own the customer contract and your business is at risk. You are aware of the introduction of the NBN™, you know that disruption is coming, and you want to provide the best outcomes for your customers, but you can’t rely on your current provider.


PBX Reseller

You are a business telephone or solutions provider, but the cloud is not on your agenda yet. You need a partner that will help you with your current business goals, and also be a solution for the future to give you cloud options and flexibility once you are ready to take that step.


Entirely new to the voice market

You are an IT or Managed Services Provider, and you’ve never sold voice. You need to find the right partner that will provide knowledge in selling and delivering voice, help you with opportunities and lead you through the journey.


Already selling voice, but…

You are an IT or Managed Service Provider, and you are already selling voice. You need to find a reliable partner that will support you in selling and delivering voice services and not compete with your business.


Telco and BroadSoft experienced

You already have cloud collaboration experience, but you want to move away from the Telco because you need a closer partnership and more support, an better customer experience overall and strong margins.


White-label potential

You provide multiple solutions through the channel as a Distributor. You want to grow into new markets, increase revenue and margins and maximise the value for your channel.


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