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Case Study – Automotive Industry

Brighton Nissan gets excited about UC innovation


Cameron Semark, Director & Dealer Principal, Brighton Nissan, said that they had been experiencing a number of problems with their previous phone system including call flow issues, which was impacting the service they delivered to customers and prospect buyers.

“Our customer service levels are something we are proud of, but our ability to handle incoming phone calls was letting us down. Our phones were pretty outdated, offering only the basics in terms of call hold and forwarding capability. We knew it was time to take a look at the phone system, and so we asked the Dealer IT team to come in for a chat.”

Brighton Nissan is part of the Australasia Motor Group whose IT is all managed by Dealer IT. Brighton Nissan has been a Dealer IT customer since 2016. Dealer IT was founded in 2008 to provide fast-responding professional IT support for SMEs in Melbourne. The company specialises in delivering and supporting ICT services for the automotive industry.

Dealer IT Directors Michael Miloseski and Jackey Li train all staff in the daily operations of a dealership.

“We understand the way they operate, and we are aware of the technology and systems used by dealerships. What’s more, we have a deep understanding of the business needs of car dealerships.”


Dealer IT recommended a cloud-based IP telephony solution for Brighton Nissan with Yealink SIP-T46S and Yealink SIP-T48S handsets.

Amongst many features, the solution provides:

  • Call parking and paging facilities
  • Custom wallpaper on all phones with the franchise logo, Nissan wallpaper and Infiniti wallpaper
  • Custom call flow to the customer requirements
  • Dealer IT pre-programmed on speed dial for quick and easy support.

Michael said,

“We also provided the receptionist with an enterprise console which allows prompt phone answering and transfers, perfect for operators working in busy environments. Caller ID shows who is calling and who they are calling, along with a call register showing how many calls were taken and their length. Unified Communication delivers so many benefits to business from scalability to quality and above all, price. And over the past few years handsets have come a long way. The combination of the two means you can have your people running video calls, or seamlessly switching from desk phone to mobile if they have to leave the office, but don’t want to terminate a call.”


Cameron said,

“Now that Dealer IT looks after our phone system, they basically manage all of our ICT needs. They are specialists in the automotive industry and their deep knowledge of the way we operate and what drives our business is a real benefit for us. They really understand what makes a good dealer great and this means that we don’t need to educate them on our business – we can trust Dealer IT to get on with the job.”

There are a number of benefits Brighton Nissan will achieve with their chosen solution. It will give them the flexibility for future growth, reduce their upfront capital expenditure, and is a solution that was previously out of reach for a small/mid-sized organisation. Jackey said,

“Our Unified Communications solution powered by Access4 is based on a BroadSoft platform and brings big company technology into the offices of small businesses. It gives Dealer IT a state of the art phone system to go with their state of the art showroom!”

Cameron said,

“Dealer IT worked with us to tailor the most appropriate solution for our business needs today and in the future. This robust and scalable solution ticks all the boxes. And our new phone system is awesome, we should have done it ages ago!”

BroadSoft service, support and specialisation key to effective UC deployment

Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) provider, Access4, is pleased to welcome automotive ICT specialist, Dealer IT, to its growing list of partners. Access4 Director of Sales & Marketing, Ruy Franco, said the company was glad to secure this IT specialist as the sign-up process had been thorough and detailed.

“We are really excited to be working with Dealer IT – they had some poor experiences with their former service provider and we were very pleased to be able to offer them a solution that was right for their business.”

Dealer IT Directors Michael Miloseski and Jackey Li said the company recently decided to add managed voice and UC to its product base after experiencing a rise in demand for the services from clients.

Michael said, “Our ability to deliver a seamless customer experience is paramount to our business and so we knew we needed to find a new partner to deliver these services. Access4 has been able to deliver this for us.”

Ruy said, “Access4 is able to provide a superior BroadSoft solution and give Dealer IT greater transparency and control through SASBOSSTM, our proprietary provisioning and support portal. Our Technical Assistance Centre provides a level of support that will delight both Dealer IT and their customers. More importantly, our engineering team is available to assist on the phone and onsite when needed, to give Dealer IT clients the confidence that Cloud PBX and UC is not only viable but the best possible solution for their business.”

Dealer IT is a service provider that specialises in delivering and supporting ICT services for vehicle dealerships. They understand the technology of dealerships and their systems and have a deep understanding of the business needs of a dealership. They really understand what makes a good dealer great and this means that their customers don’t need to educate them on their business – they can trust Dealer IT to get on with the job.

“We have enjoyed migrating Dealer IT’s customer base across to Access4 and are looking for every opportunity to work with this partner to showcase their leading Voice and UC solution. Our intent is to be a superior BroadSoft solution provider and to deliver a customer experience that will get them excited about the possibility of UC and what it can do for their business,” concluded Ruy.


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