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About Us

Why should you choose alliance?

Alliance Communications will make your transition to NBN painless, and give you maximum value for money for all your communications requirements! You can choose whether to just “pocket” the great savings to be had on your telephone bills when utilising our Australian owned and run service providers, or use some of those savings to reinvest in the latest technology. Utilising industry relevant and really useful communications tools, you can help drive greater productivity and efficiency in your organisation – I think we all love a win-win.

What to expect

At Alliance, all of our technicians are co-owners of the company, so just as a good outcome is very important to you, it is also important to us-good outcomes equal customer retention and referrals. Our technicians are fully industry trained with decades of experience, and also understand the challenges of running a business. Furthermore, all of your telephony and cabling needs will typically be serviced by the same technician, so outlining your needs will take less time and frustration, and will be completed more quickly and therefore at less expense to you.

Make a choice you will never regret!

Make the change and try out our ethically run co-operative company to service your needs, and be reminded of how the service industry should work for you! We are confident that you will keep using us as your communications equipment and service provider of choice.

What we do

Our history

Alliance Communications is a collaborative business entity made up of 5 owner-operated businesses. This allows its members the extra marketing power to compete against the bigger players and enables it to be “found” by more people. It also gives greater buying power to make our charges even more affordable.

Our products

Alliance Communications can provide any type of solution available on the market from traditional on-site PBX to fully hosted cloud communications, both of which have an array of available features such as offsite handsets, mobile apps as extensions, voicemail to email, computer softphones etc., plus we supply and install a whole host of other products such as headsets, conference phones, ups’s etc.

Alliance Communications is an Access4 partner and a Panasonic dealer, and we are confident that we have the best featured and value hosted solution as well as the on-site solution on the market taking into account their features, flexibility and price. Our members are also suppliers and/or maintainers of many other brands including Samsung, NEC, LG, Avaya, Hybrex, Aristel, Toshiba & Alcatel, so you get the greatest breadth of knowledge of any communications company in WA.

Our experience

All Alliance members have decades of experience in the communications industry and are fully industry qualified. We have all worked as communication company employees as well as running our own businesses.

Our guarantee

We will always guarantee to act in the best interest of our customers to develop a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship that brings success to both the customer and ourselves. We go “above and beyond” to achieve customer satisfaction – a happy customer is one who refers you to others.

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